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Virtual Company Services

These are some of the virtual company ideas i have been researching

Virtual Company Services

No Workers No Offices

Forming a Virtual Company


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Rebellious behaviour has positive reaction

This article is a interesting  confirmation of what i already observed.

Researchers found that people find those who are more likely to break the rules more likeable

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DIY Laptops from ASUS

ASUS C90 Laptop

ASUS C90 Laptop

The laptop you see above is the new ASUS C90 barebones laptop onto which you can add processor , memory , HDD and video card of your choice , no mean feat in laptops ..

I drool over this new barebones model and for ventilation from 4 cooling fans


Also this is a older model Z84FM

Notice that in the older model you cannot replace the video card because NVIDIA introduced the MXM interface recently.


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