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Apple ‘s new microprocessor

Apple it seems wants to build it’s own microprocessors

This is a death sentence to psystar…


November 7, 2008 - Posted by | Hardware | ,


  1. Apple has committed mistakes in the past by stepping outside their realms of expertise. Apple has already taken a route in keeping hardware designs to themselves, a path away from the IBM PC Clone. Apple’s model will be in tune with their present stand on hardware if they take the microprocessor into their fold.

    However Apple’s strength is in what they deliver to the end customer, not what they put into their machines actually. Apple shouldn’t be advertising X GB RAM, Y GB Storage et al. They should be saying, n Desktops, so many graphics accelerators, making it still look more friendly than the IBM PC Clones.

    Apple seems to be confused about using open source vis a vis building everything themselves. They have finally decided to keep as much of Mac OS X to themselves leaving application developers a better chance to play.

    While Apple builds PC platform solutions for end-user-computing, PsyStar is clearly a value add player. Ironically PsyStar has a better idea of what they are trying to do; improve user experience irrespective of the operating system and hardware they have. So I don’t believe there’s a death sentence for them.

    A new chip takes at least 18 months to come off the block (and Apple might’ve started much earlier, Apple isn’t second to Intel in keeping secrets.) Looking at their previous products, Apple has never deployed a custom processor on any of them, I do not believe that their first shot at it would be too successful. They should continue delivering what they deliver best, user expectation, user experience and prestige value through their brand.

    Comment by gandalfgreyhelm | November 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. okay but their plan seems to be “choke the clones” and not be dependent on intel for processors .

    Comment by turinghut8 | November 18, 2008 | Reply

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