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Embedded Linux Nightmare

Hi Guys,

This is a nice article about embedded linux vendors like montavista and others , , what he says is absolutely true .


October 11, 2008 - Posted by | embedded systems | , ,

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  1. Honestly Gleixner is not addressing an embedded linux nightmare here. He is in fact addressing a linux kernel nightmare. Maintaining the quality of code without methods to verify performance, stability and throughput of any component of the kernel is the real nightmare. With the recent bloat in the linux kernel, this was expected.

    Companies and Silicon Vendors have tried to stave off the risks as much as they can by attempting to take control of the source code that has direct impact on their products.

    So while Gleixner is addressing a maintainability issue, he is assuming all the wrong reasons.

    If the linux kernel were stable for all platforms it claimed to support and provided reasonable throughput, none of us would rewrite code for optimization. You cannot have a kernel for embedded systems without having used it for embedded applications, particularly of streaming, hard-realtime and mission critical genre. That in essence is the problem.

    Comment by gandalfgreyhelm | October 25, 2008 | Reply

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