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Evolution is over …?

No suprise here , just proving what we already feel as a race , but i do have a pet theory that maybe for us the mind was a constantly evolving entiry in the electromagetic sense and so powerful that the body didn’t feel the necessity to evolve any furthur , this is just my pet theory , but does anybody know if dolphins stopped evolving once their brains attained intelligence , but there is another dimension to this which might make it a general theory all species of animals which exhibit suffient intelligence skill ( deception , subterfuge ) etc have stopped evolving ( I think my dog is very intelligent , in fact intelligent enough to escape from my house while closing the house gate ..:)  , so either i am slow  or my dog is more intelligent than me ) , But animal intelligence is not accepted by the general scientific establishment , so maybe we have to wait for the whale’s to send their mothership to destroy the earth and we’ll really start learning ( capt’n kirk trek movie ) .


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  1. The classical theory of evolution, if I’m not wrong, assumes that evolution takes a few tens of thousands of years to show a noticeable difference in a complex organism like a mammal. The case however could be different for unicellular organisms where you could potentially prove the theory of evolution. You could also check the “Emperor Crab” citation by Carl Sagan in his book “Demon Haunted Earth.”

    Coming back to the dog, I believe the dog “knows” that its master is slow. That might classify as intelligence. Human cohabitation with dogs is about 150,000 years old.

    We cannot limit our observations on evolution to behavior and behavioral aspects. There has to be more physical proof. Information on the increased differentiation of the (human) male and female brain may prove an increase in gender gap.

    Similar analysis were conducted by the Nazis to show that human “races” were indeed involved in the creation of new species. While their theory has been discarded due its abuse during World War II, there may be scientific basis to this.

    To confirm evolution we need both pathological, neurological and psychological (or behavioral) indicators when it comes to higher life forms. Pathological changes in lower order life forms provable over a period of time may indicate evolution.

    As a concluding point, even if evolution were bounded, our scales of time are too infinitesimal to draw those boundaries.

    Comment by gandalfgreyhelm | October 10, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hey some more controversy wit regard to evolution now it seems we can control the parameters for evolution with our minds..

    Comment by turinghut8 | November 13, 2008 | Reply

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