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The end of OS as we know it

This is a nice article written by Amanda Mcpherson about the eventual OS going into the background and why linux is the best os for this ..


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Intel and AMD killed the Alpha

Hi Guys,

I did some research regarding various processors in the market to some processors that have died out because of commercial interests , and the thing is it seems like the alpha which was based on superior technology for the time and a pure RISC 64 bit processor was a winner which due to market forces became the loser , but thats not all now it seems like AMD and intel ( both of them seem to share intellectual property so i am not sure they are competing in the true sense of the word ) are completely in the X86 domain and RISC has been harboured into the embedded systems domain as it’s extremely fast and less complicated than x86 based embedded processors ( consumes less power too )

Okay so if i am a embedded engineer and i specialize on the MIPS based processors wouldn’t i like to have a compatible desktop environment to compile and test compilers and programs before i can reduce the size to suit embedded needs , what about building native compilers and running them on a cluster based system so that your programs are compiled faster and we don’t have to wait for hours … to see the results and change them … now thats productivity …

I leave my thoughts to the members of this forum.

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Lingnu (Israeli company)

This seems to be a new and emerging israeli company , they seem to have implemented the idea of combining linux and crossover office to create a linux for office’s product .

check it out seems interesting. 🙂

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